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Archived Issue 7

Welcome to Baby Gazette

We are delighted to see the increased interest in subscription to our Baby Gazette. In the last four months, the subscription rate has increased four fold. We owe this increased interest mostly to our subscribers who find Baby Gazette a useful mean of communication among like minded colleagues, and take an active role in introducing it to their colleagues and friends who may find the information interesting and useful. Future success of Baby Gazette depends on its subscribers’ interest, subscriptions, active contribution through “Brief Article”; “News Brief”; notes on “For Your Information”; and “Your Corner”; and participation in spreading the word. Continue reading

Archived Issue 6

ZZ’s Corner

In this issue, the second segment of “IMPACTS OF SEPARATION FROM PRIMARY CAREGIVER (S) DUE TO SOCIAL AND POLITICAL TURMOIL DURING EARLY CHILDHOOD; UNIVERSALITY VS. CULTURAL RELATIVISM“, developmental domains will be reviewed from a variety of perspectives as impacted by trauma and violence caused by separation from the primary caregiver(s) due to war and geopolitical turmoil. To cover such a significant and wide-range of domains of human development and giving it the attention and scope it deserves, this segment will be covered within two consecutive issues – this and the next month. Continue reading

Archived Issue 5

ZZ’s Corner

Following last issue’s note, I received some encouraging feedbacks from my colleagues regarding the state of our young children in our world around us. The invisible and the silent ones – the youngest and most vulnerable among us around the world – the young children affected by wars and geopolitical conflicts who need our voice to be heard and our efforts to heal. Continue reading

Archived Issue 4

ZZ’s Corner

It has been a while that “we are the world” was sung by children from around the world, it has been ringing in my ears and caused a lump in my throat. Plights of thousands of children orphaned and displaced because of the natural force of an earthquake in Bam last year, the recent earthquake and Tsunami, and on going wars in the continent of Asia, ravaging AIDS and on-going conflicts and wars in the African continent are major reasons for this melancholy. Reports from responsible journalists, human rights and non-for-profit service provider agencies give us a scan view of the enormity of pain and suffering of these children. In the face of the pain and suffering of all these children my contributions individually, or as an active member in coordination with some international agencies is minute. Continue reading

Archived Issue 3

ZZ’s Corner

Wishing you all peace, and a very healthy, safe, joyous and fulfilling 2005.

There are transitional points in everyone’s life. Zero To Three (ZTT) Mid Career Harris Fellowship is one of those in my life. It came as close as it could to “coming home” for me. It brought me closer to a family of minds and mentors I admire, and colleagues and friends I trust. This Fellowship is a lifetime commitment on both sides, the fellow and the ZTT family, in efforts to improve the lives of young children and their caregivers around the world. ZTT 2003-2004 fellows graduated on December 4, 2004 joining the other pioneer ZTT Graduate Fellows. Continue reading

Archived Issue 2


In the last issue, in the “Meet the Future” section, I introduced the Multi-System, Multi-Cultural, Trans-Disciplinary Intervention Program: A Community Care And Relationship Enrichment Services Center (MulTICARE) For Families With Children Birth to Five Years of Age, by providing a Brief Description of the Proposed Project.

In this issue, I am providing you information on the role of Baby Gazette in this process as follows. Continue reading

Archived Issue 1

Welcome to Baby Gazette

Baby Gazette was born as a mean of communication between the members of my Advisory Committee and I, when I was directing the Infancy, Childhood And Relationship Enrichment (ICARE) Program at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) from 1998 to 2003. Together, in a short amount of time, with unsubstantial sum of $ grants, hard work, high energy and dedication of many professionals, ICARE Program grew from zero ground to over 30 active programs, providing preventive oriented support and health related interventions for the at high risk children birth to five years of age and their families in their communities. Continue reading