Baby Gazette is a web-based, non-for-profit, public domain resource designed to serve those interested, invested, dedicated, and intend to serve young children’s best interests around the globe.


Fostering the well-being and full-health of young children and their families across the world, especially during the critical period in their young lives, using concepts emerging from the science of human development, ecology and systems complexity, resilience and adaptability.

BABY GAZETTE’S GOALS AND OBJECTIVES are manifold, including the following components (alphabetically ordered):

Guiding lights for Baby Gazette are a set of ideas adopted to (listed here in alphabetical order):
    • Advocating for protected, supported and funded extended maternity leave for working mothers.
    • Bridging between professionals from various disciplines – heath care, human rights, legal, governmental and non-governmental agencies who care for health, development and well-being of young children and their families around the world.
    • Educating caregivers of young children in the scientific foundations behind the practices of developmentally-based healthcare.
    • Encouraging international advocacy on behalf of young children and universality of their human rights to be born healthy, raised in a safe and nurturing environment, and equal access to quality health care services.
    • Facilitating culturally aware and sensitive practices, respect for diversity, and international cooperation among individuals concerned with promoting universal rights of young children and their families for health and well-being.
    • Minimizing unnecessary transitions with continuity of care for young children separated from their primary caregivers through education and collaborative partnerships of public and private organizations.
    • Presenting field-related reports on recent scientific research findings, Promising Practices and preventive interventions.
    • Promoting Best Practice Guidelines as a stepping stone resource for mental health professionals serving young children.
    • Promoting the healthy social, psychological, emotional, and intellectual development of young children (five years old and younger) by supporting partnership, collaboration and networking among all those who work on their behalf.
    • Providing information on available and accessible resources, training and educational opportunities for early childhood care providers.
    • Raising awareness about the plights of young children and their families around the world who are at risk for, and exposed to various complex, chronic, and multigenerational violence and suffering.
    • Raising awareness of the basic components of prenatal and postnatal care, safe pregnancy, identifying risk factors, and applying prevention and early intervention procedures, and promotion of healthy mothers, babies and families by promoting healthy choices.